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Precautions and Preventive Maintenance of Motor Winding Machine

Precautions For Use


Before using the motor winding machine automation equipment, we should learn the precautions. Because this will involve safety issues, as long as we pay attention to some regular problems, you can ensure safe operation and improve efficiency and make the equipment less prone to failure. Let us learn together what problems need to pay attention to when operating the motor winding machine.


1. Safety warning sign.

Please pay attention to safety when operating in the places indicated by the following icons, otherwise, it will cause safety accidents to the human body!


Please don't touch the places indicated by the following icons, otherwise, it may cause an electric shock accident!



2. Safety device.

The safety devices of this equipment include security threshold, warning sign, electricity leakage protection switch, fuse, signal light and emergency stop button.


3. Precautions for equipment use.


A. Earthing. The equipment must be grounded separately before use, otherwise, it may malfunction and cause electric shock accidents in the event of electric leakage.


Please use a power source that matches the equipment. If you use a power source other than the specified power source, it will easily cause fire and electric shock, and cause permanent damage to the equipment.


B. Please stop using it when the equipment is abnormal.


If the equipment is found to have burnt smell, abnormal sound, abnormal heat, smoke and other abnormal phenomena during use, if the equipment is still used, it will cause electric shock, fire, etc. Therefore, the use must be stopped immediately, and the relevant personnel must be responsible for troubleshooting. It can be used after the management confirms that the fault has been eliminated and the use is approved.


C. The equipment usually specifies the number of operators. For example, if one person is required to operate, then cannot be added several people, otherwise, it will easily cause casualties.


Use an operating force of 0.98N or less for the touch screen. Excessive force may damage the touch screen.


If an abnormal situation occurs during the operation of the equipment, the "emergency stop switch" must be pressed immediately to stop the operation of the equipment.


D. When the equipment is running, ensure that the safety door is closed and at the same time cancel the shielding safety door function. The safety door shielding function is only used for equipment debugging.


Preventive Maintenance


Serial Number


Good status





  Clean shell, normal voltage, normal status indicator, no loose connection terminals, normal increased temperature, no abnormal smell.

  Whether the shell is dirty, whether the voltage is normal (100~240V), whether the status indicator is normal (abnormal when the red light flashes), whether the wiring terminal is loose, whether the heating is normal (generally not more than 60℃), whether there is abnormal noise, whether there is Stinky.

3 months each time


Slot switch

Slot switch signal is normal

  Whether there is damage, whether the inspection tank is dirty.

3 months each time


Servo motor

The rotation is stable, the heating is normal, and there is no abnormal noise.

  Whether the motor heats up normally (40~70℃), whether it runs smoothly, and whether there is abnormal noise.

3 months each time


Servo driver

The power supply voltage is normal, and the connection terminals are not loose or smelly.

  Check whether the voltage is normal (200~240V), whether the connecting terminals are loose, and whether there is any abnormal smell.

3 months each time

Remarks: when checking for loose connection terminals, please turn off the power supply of the equipment.

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